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Sucker Rod Pumps & Sucker Rod

Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps

The inner surface of the pump barrel is processed with carbonization quenching and chrome plating technology. The pump meets the requirement of long stroke, high speed and deep producing and the advantages of pump is high pumping efficiency, large displacement, wear and corrosion resistance, long operation and easy repairing.


   1. Rod Pumps

     Rod pump is also referred to as “insert pump” as it is installed inside the tubing it is not necessary to pull all the tubing out of the well hole when checking the pump, which makes the operation quicker and the service life of tubing longer. The rod pump is in a state of “free hanging”, so it is suitable for deviated wells.

 According to seating mode, the rod pump can be divided into two types: cup hold-down and mechanical hold-down. According to anchored position, the pump can be divided into top hold-down pumps and bottom hold-down pumps which include stationary barrel and traveling barrel types.

2. Tubing Pumps

   The barrel is run into the well with tubing and becomes part of the tubing. The plunger is run into the barrel with sucker rod, Given the tubing size, the bore of the tubing pump is larger than that of the rod pump, so the pump rate is higher. For some large production wells, larger bore of tubing pump can be run if on-off connector is installed. Tubing pump is the strongest pump. It has large flowing area for fluid and is adaptable for producing viscous fluid.

3. Special Purpose Pumps

   According to API SPEC 11AX, the special purpose pumps consist of Sand Control Pump, Gas Control Pump, Deviated Hole Pump, Pump for Heavy Oil and Hanger Enforced Pump for solving the producing problems in sand well, gas well and high viscosity crude oil. The special purpose pumps have been widely used in the market.

   Sucker rod

1.      Solid Sucker Rod

The solid sucker rod was produced with Friction welding process. The connector and coupling are produced by compressing and rolling machine, which improves the thread strength and solves the problems of broken rod, loose and unscrewed connection.

2.      Corrosion Resisting Sucker Rod

The composite coating, mixed by epoxy resin and 1Cr18Ni9Ti is for salt water resistant, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide resistant and improve the corrosion resistance of sucker rod and the service life of the sucker rod.

3.      Hollow sucker rod is a kind of special product designed to produce oil with high pour point, high viscosity and paraffin content. The hollow rod connector and coupling are welded to the two ends of seamless steel pipe through which the functions are achieved.

           The hollow sucker rod can be used in:

          A: Inject heat carrier into oil producer.

          B: Produce with electrical heating.

          C: Tubeless production.

          D: Two-grade and three-section water injection.

 It can also be used to drive the PC pump as its high twisting strength and high rigidity. Tel:+0086 931 2113612 Fax:+0086 931 2113622    Address:36 Mogao Road.,Anning District,Lanzhou,China.