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Series of pumping units
Sogiant supplies whole sets of oil production equipments and services, including all types and standards of pumping units, oil well pumps, sucker rods, casings& tubings.

Series of drilling rigs
Sogiant designs and manufactures various oilfield drilling rigs based on client's requirements, besides, it can also provide general solutions of drilling rigs, modular engineering services, and complete sets/ individual part of drilling rigs, spare parts, drilling equipments, drilling engineering services.

Series of refining & chemical equipments
Sogiant designs and manufactures ASME “U” stamp and NBBI “R” stamp pressure vessels possessing U2 and R certificates, refining and chemical equipments including hydro reactors, CCR reactors, screw lock ring heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, spherical tanks etc.

Series of oil field special vehicles
Sogiant supply various types of oilfield special servicing vehicles including truck-mounted drillings, workover rigs, cementing trucks, fracturing trucks, pumping special vehicles, pumping cementing trucks etc. Tel:+0086 931 2113612 Fax:+0086 931 2113622    Address:36 Mogao Road.,Anning District,Lanzhou,China.