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Sogiant group is one of the largest oil field equipments manufacturers worldwide. It specializes not only in manufacturing, but also designing, engineering, selling, training, and servicing high quality oil field equipments including pumping units, drilling rigs, refining & chemical industrial equipments, and special vehicles. Sogiant’s products are superbly engineered and quality constructed. With accumulation of decades of abundant experience in research, design and manufacture, it made its brand a golden assurance of responsibility, and reliability.

Sogiant group was formed by several subsidiaries. Daan sogiant was one of them. It located in Daan, Jilin, China, possessing 818,057 square feets plants and a R&D office building. Sogiant has its own machining centers for gears (gear reducer), foundry, structure plant, assembly plant and other functional departments. It possesses several patented products developed by it self. Sogiant has a capability of producing 2500 sets of pumping units including gear reducers, 120 sets of mud pumps annually.

The products of sogiant fully complied with the API specification and other oil industry standards. It provides various API pumping units ranging from 80~1824 (including conventional, rear mounted and front mounted) and other excellent products to satisfy its all kind customers globally.

Email:sogiant@sogiant.com.cn Tel:+0086 931 2113612 Fax:+0086 931 2113622    Address:36 Mogao Road.,Anning District,Lanzhou,China.